French Mini Peacock Feather

These amazing crocheted French mini peacock feathers are really versatile and they can be used for many things, e.g. ear rings, appliques for bags, etc. And these beautiful crochet peacock patterns will be your next project for sure, if you love peacock as I do. For more details please visit : thecuriocraftsroom.

Dazzling Dragonfly Granny Square

For any nature-lover, this Dazzling Dragonfly Granny Square makes the perfect gift – as part of a granny square crochet blanket or even maybe on its own! Some of you may now that I’m in love with dragonflies, they are so special to me, I simply can’t resist a dragonfly, when I see it I

Crochet Plumeria Flower

If you love to crochet and want to make some flowers. Here is a great project for Crochet Hawaiian Plumeria Flower with Pattern. Plumeria flowers are so beautiful. The idea should be yours on how to use them and you will be surprised to find out the ways they can be used. For more details

Pink Lady Baby Booties Free Crochet Patterns

Little booties are so incredibly adorable in handmade crochet. There are so many cute adornments and embellishments. Nobody can resist the sweet little baby feet in these cute crochet baby booties. It is always some kind of an entertainment and pleasure to make the cute little booties for our children or grandchildren. For more details

Free Crochet Flowers Pattern

Let us start with the multi-shade crochet flower pattern which you can make and use for adorning a hat made up of yarns, the flowers can be utilized for adorning different things like the dress of baby daughter as it will look nice. For more details please visit : molliemakes.

Half Flower Tutorial

When you want to brighten up a room along with a multiple splash of color, there is certainly nothing out there which can do a job perfectly like this fantastic Crochet Flower Curtains. Obtain and enhance your knitting skills by making such cute and decorative crochet curtain patterns. For more details please visit : onceuponapinkmoon.

La Petite Grise Free Crochet Pattern

This eye-catching stitch will be perfect for many kind of your projects like for example throws, scarfs or ponchos. It is also perfect choice of stitch for baby blankets! For more details please visit : pattycrochete.

Quick and Easy Crocheted Blanket Edging Patterns

If you have a blanket of any fabric and you want to give it a handmade touch, add crocheted blanket edging pattern to it and give it a beautiful look. For more details please visit : petalstopicots.

Garden Series Crochet Edgings – Jonquils

The stitch used in this edging is double crochet which goes very fast for me. It reminds me of the pretty wire fencing around our front yard. Would look lovely on a blanket! For more details please visit : missabigailshopechest.

Puff Or Bobble Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Like a perfect formula, great crochet patterns let you know what materials and crochet stitches you are going to need to finish the crochet venture. Puff or bubble crotchet stitches pattern are beautiful patterns in the crochet style. This crochet stitches will let you know which sort and what number of crochet stitches is required